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Calypso provides a platform that improves your student's test scores, attendance, and behaviors. We do this by leveraging predictive behavior modeling to generate student profiles for each student and by providing recommendations from our staff of teachers and psychologists on best practices for improving peformance.


Calypso School Rating Improvement Framework (TM)

  • How it works:

    1. Each student takes our qualitative student assessment.

    2. Teachers track each students' in-class behaviors with the class dashboard.

    3. Student profiles are produced using gathered data.

    4. Pro-active recommendations on engaging with students and improving their performance based on student profiles are provided.

    5. Attendance, Test Scores, and behaviors improve!

    6. The school's rating/grade increases leading to increased funding, happier teachers, and high performing students.

  • Benefits:

    • Teachers get an increased awareness of student performance in other classes.

    • Stakeholders quickly and easily get updated on trends in student attendance and behavior.

    • Keep everyone informed about at-risk students without extra paperwork, emails, and forms.

    • Stakeholders can take proactive steps to helps students succeed academically and personally.

  • Access profiles from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Access to tips, tricks, & strategies to drive improvement.

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  • Eliminate the need for an expensive data team. 

  • Create the changes you want to see and take your school's rating to the next level.


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"At Calypso, we believe that educational tools should empower schools.  This is why we are building Calypso. We're pushing the limit on what can be done with cutting edge analytics technology.  No complicated software that faculty have to add to their already large list of responsibilities. No inequitable access between rich and poor."

Founder & CEO of Calypso

- Christopher Pitts

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